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 Visitor Registration

Pre-registration for visitors to Coffee Expo Seoul 2018 is now open.

Visitors are also able to purchase an entrance ticket at the registration desk.

All buyers and visitors to Coffee Expo Seoul 2018 can receive free admission by registering online. Re-registration will closer to the date of the exhibition.

Pre-registrants may receive their entrance badges after a simple picture ID confirmation at the Coffee Expo Seoul registration desks. A separate line for pre-registrants ensures minimum wait time before entering the exhibition hall.

On-Site Registration

Visitors may register on-site during any day of the exhibition. After purchasing an admission ticket visitors may fill out a registration form and submit it to a registration desk to receive their entrance badge. Registration booths and registration desks are located in front of the exhibition hall.

Exhibition Opening hours:

[Business Days] April 5 – 7, 2018:  10:00-18:00

[Public Days] April 8, 2018 : 10:00-16:00

Visitor Pre-Registration


Entrance Fee:

Category Registration Type Entrance Fee Note
Business Days Pre-Registration FREE Business days are for Buyers, professionals in the Coffee Industry.
Those with the invitation ticket and/or online purchased tickets are allowed to enter.
Onsite Registration 20,000KWN
Public Days Onsite Registration Adult 10,000KWN Public days are for anyone who wish to visit the exhibition. For less traffic, the morning times are recommend.

(Student : Elementary ~ High School)

Student 8,000KWN